Water is a Human Right

For all people on the planet.

9,000 people die every day due to contaminated water

6,000 of them are children
that is 3.4 million people, every year, worldwide.

Did you know it’s possible to turn unsafe water into safe & healthy drinking water

It’s a wonderful world

And a dangerous one at the same time. There are wars and terrorism. Ebola and dysentery. There is pollution and climate changes.

Any of these imply a possible threat to our main source of life: water. They can cause water shortage, contamination and deterioration of water quality. New technologies such as fracking, industrial pollution and normal household use of water have resulted in more and more residues of chemicals, medicine and drugs in tap water.

Did you know

  • that antibiotics and antidepressants residue in tap water make people less resistant to infections and depression?
  • that prostate cancer is linked to estrogen in tap water?

Water is life

Water will be the main commodity of this century: the new gold, the new oil. It will triple in price in the next 5 years. High time to (re)use our natural water sources like rainwater and grey* water in a smarter way. We strongly believe households of the future need and want to be energy and water sufficient: harvesting rain water and recycling grey water. To turn it into safe drinking water.

How? With a simple and affordable solution.

Our oceans get trashed with toxic waste

High time to be less dependent on bottled water, which is:

  • a big polluter (plastic soup);
  • very expensive;
  • often no better than tap water;
  • far less regulated.

A recent Environmental Working Group test uncovered 38 contaminants in 10 brands of bottled water, including DBPs, nitrate, caffeine, arsenic, Tylenol, bacteria, and industrial chemicals.

* grey water: waste water. From your bath, shower, lavatory, dishwasher, …

Meet the Waterfall Box.

The Waterfall Box is a simple, portable, tamper free, weatherproof plug & play device that filters every molecule bigger than 11 nanometres (1 nanometre is 0.001 micron) out of unsafe or contaminated water.

That means: all viruses and bacteria including cholera, dysentery, polio and e-coli, medicine and hormones. Unlike most other filtration systems the Waterfall Box leaves the minerals intact.

The result? Even better quality water than lots of bottled waters.

On top, the Waterfall Box is

  • maintenance and service free for up to 5 to 8 years.
  • Energy efficient and only uses 12 volts – be it mains, solar, generator or battery power.
  • affordable and not more expensive than a decent water softener.

That makes it a great solution for:

  • households in the developed world;
  • villages and field hospitals in the developing world;
  • natural disaster areas and even war zones.

One box. Different sizes.

To meet different needs, the Waterfall Box comes in different sizes.

All models measure 50x80x180 cm, and have a dual membrane module.


  • for 1-2 p households
  • filters 1,5 cubic m/h
  • weighs 30 kg


  • for 4-6 p households
  • filters 3 cubic m/h
  • weighs 40 kg


  • for larger applications such as a large household with a swimming pool or the needs of a village 30-40 people in a developing country
  • 6 cubic m/h
  • 55 kg

We have recently introduced an XS single membrane module model, that runs on a 9 volt battery and still cleans 1.5 cubic m per hour.

Boxed technology

The Waterfall Box operates through a superior membrane technology that has been developed by our partners over 10 years. This technology has been proven successful in large industrial installations for about 20 years.

We have miniaturised, improved and boxed this technology, to make it available and affordable for everyone. Up to now we have been installing it in hospitals, elderly homes, boats, offshore installations and industrial sites.

Membranes rule!

The core of the Box is its superior membrane technology and design

Why we don’t use other filtration types

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Ultraviolet light (UV)

* World Health Organization study 2005 on Nutrients in Drinking Water

How do we compare?

The Waterfall Box versus other filtration systems

Why do we need minerals in drinking water?

Pure/demineralized/distilled water:

* World Health Organization study 2005 on Nutrients in Drinking Water

Your advantages

The Waterfall Box

About us

We are social entrepreneurs. We strongly believe in people’s right to have access to clean & healthy drinking water. We want to improve and save lives, while protecting the planet and generating profits. Because doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive.

We donate 1 free Waterfall Box for every 3 we sell.

And about you?

To take the Waterfall Project to the next level we are currently looking for like-minded investors: big or small. Interested? Get in touch and help us helping people.

Soon: crowd funding

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